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Ajapa Centers

Swami Guru Prasadji Paramahansa maintains three ashrams in India, one in Bangladesh, one in California and one in Poland. A common semblance of the ashrams, is the peace and tranquility the mind experiences, on reaching these holy shrines of the Ajapa Gurus.


The first Ajapa ashram was established at  Jagatpur(Chittagong) Bangladesh by Swami Guru Purnanadaji Paramahansa. This  ashram came into being in the year 1899. Major reconstruction work was carried  out in the centenary year 1999. This ashram is situated at a hill top and  surrounded by several hills and is an ideal place for meditation. Several  disciples of Guru Purnandaji practiced serious meditation and attained the  highest state of the human being.

The postal address of the Bangladesh ashram is:

Sri Purnanand Ajapa Yoga Sansthan(Jagatpur Ashram)

P.O B.I.T, Upa-Jila: Raozan  Chittagong


In India the first Ajapa ashram was established  by Swami Guru Janardanji Paramahansa in the beautiful locale of  Rishikesh(Uttranchal). The ashram is located near Lakshman Jhula about 8 km  from Railway station. Rishikesh is about 20 km from the holy city of  Haridwar. It was in the year 1955 when the ashram was built. Major  reconstruction work is currently being carried out to accomodate more  disciples specially for Ajapa festivals. The ashram is situated in the  foothills of Himalayas, just beside the holy ganges and picturesque  surrounding of Shivalik hills. The serence atmosphere of the locale motivates  a true seeker to introspect.

The second ashram city was selected in India when  Swami Guru Janardanji Paramahansa got down from train at Tatanagar station  during one of his journeys. The ashram is located at about 20 km from railway  station just beside the tranquil locale of the Dimna lake surrounded by  hills. The ashram was formally established in the year 1974. One major  attraction of the ashram is, the only temple in the world with the nine  Brahma Rishis. The construction of this temple in a lotus structure is another  unique feature of this sanctuary for the rishis. This is the ashram where  Guru Janardanji merged his material body with matter and a shrine has been  built up around the place. This ashram is currently the Ajapa headquarters  since the current Ajapa master Guru Prasadji inhabit this conscreated locale.  Two temples together provide one of the most satisfying meditation experience  in todays high vibration world.

The third ashram was established at Kanpur, a  place which had been very dear to Swami Guru Janardanji Paramahansa due to  the devout love of the disciples. Guru Janardanji has been visiting this city  since 1952 and finally the ashram came up in 1977, near IIT on the G.T Road.  This place is about 25 km from the railway station and is on the outskirt of  the city so it provides the requisite atmosphere for meditation. The ashram  has big farming lands in the surroundings which helps to keep the atmosphere  clean and cool.

The Postal addresses of the India ashrams are as below:

Shri Purnanda Ajapa Yoga Sansthan,

Post – M. G. M. Medical College, Dimna,

Jamshedpur – 831 018 (Jharkhand)

Shri Purnanda Yogashram,

Lakshman Jhula,

Pauri Garwhal – 249 302 (Uttranchal)



Shri Purnanda Ajapa Yoga Sansthan,   Near Naramau Chungi, G. T. Road, Kanpur – 208 016 (Uttar Pradesh)



There is only one Ajapa Yoga ashram existing in  North America. This is the Shri Janardan Ajapa Yogashram, located just  outside of Placerville, California. The California Ashram was established in  1977 under the guidance of Guru Janardanji, who personally selected  Placerville as the location of His ashram. The California ashram is situated  between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe in the foothills of the picturesque Sierra  Nevada Mountains. The ashram sits on twenty acres of land in the very quiet  and beautiful countryside, yet is only a five minute car ride from the nearby  town of Placerville. Guru Prasadji comes to His California ashram on a  regular basis. He encourages His North American disciples to visit the ashram  for strong practice of Ajapa Yoga and to perform service in maintaining the  ashram. Disciples who come with the right spirit of determined practice and  service are rewarded with a boost in their sadhana.

The postal address of the California(U.S.A) Ashram is:

Shri Janardan Ajapa Yogashram,

P.O. Box 1731,Placerville,

California 95667



The Ashram exists to help disciples make progress in their practice of Ajapa Yoga, and we encourage you to visit the ashram. Besides intensive practice of Ajapa Yoga, there are discussions of Ajapa theory and readings of Ajapa literature. Arrangements for visiting the ashram must always be made well in advance. You may request a visit by writing to the address  below, or through info@ajapayoga.org

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