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Avatar was created as a symbol of awakening, a beginning of a movement, for Kriya Sadhana globally.The welfare of mankind lies only in knowing his true self, which is a state of perpetual bliss, positivity, and divine love.
Rendered in Ashtadhatu( auspicious nine metals) It stands tall on the pinnacle of Nav Rishi temple at Ajapa Yogashram Jamshedpur.
Avatar is the physical Form of Formless , Omnipresent Guru , the source of all creation. He is the destroyer of darkness(ignorance) and preserver of Righteousness(Dharma).
His right hand is raised holding Onkar the all pervading primordial sound. In his left hand He is holding a staff, a symbol of discipline and perseverance for sadhana. This staff is also there to ward off negative energies surrounding the world today.
His long strands of hair flowing with the wind mark the wind of change, to transform and transcend the world.
He has descended to bring forth a new Golden Age, Age of enlightenment, of happiness for all.
He was created to inspire people to do kriya sadhana so that they can be free from the illusory ā€œIā€ the false ego, which has created a web of falsehood, pain, suffering and negativity.
He is the Avatar of kaliyuga who will help the mass of humanity to raise themselves to being more humane full of love and compassion for all creation.

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