The Ajapa Yoga Foundation welcomes inquiries from interested readers. You can ask a question through our e-mail, to receive a personal and completely confidential reply. Or you can write to us at:

Ajapa Yoga Foundation
PO Box 1731
Placerville, CA 95667

Disciples who want to contact Guruji can e-mail us for assistance in forwarding messages to India.

Disciples who would like to share the holidays with us should consult the Calendar of Events. We also conduct retreats for intensive meditation which all disciples are welcome to attend.

If, after reading about Ajapa Yoga, you are interested in learning the technique, you may make an appointment to receive initiation. Following a brief ceremony in which you are given the technique, you will be personally instructed in its use. If you would like to learn Ajapa Yoga, please write or contact us through our e-mail.