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An ode to Avatar

Thus spake Avatar from the pinnacle of the temple of Nav Rishis —— Rise -“O Manav”.

Remove your shackles Its Time –
you have been suffering thru the ages
Dispel the darkness which fills every pore of your being
Destroy this veil of ignorance
Your illusory “I” has created a web ,of falsehood , of pride ,of pain and sufferings –

You my son were made in my own image
Why have you fallen ?
Raise your vibrations ,come to me
You who have forgotten your true self
I have come down for you
To take you to your joyous abode
Ukaar raised in my right hand is the highest state you should aspire for
Unite with it , realise that everything comes from the sound “U”and returns to the sound “U”
You are just a speck , a minuscule in the grand design of creation
Rise , be one with the Omnipresent

I cannot watch you clinging to the mundane to the illusory ,the perishable
Come my son be one with me
I have the power of all the rishis of Siddhashram
I represent the masters of the ancient science of ajapa
I am Nirakaar yet I am here in the physical form
Only for you
I love you from the deep recesses of my heart
The time has come to raise yourself through penance through kriya sadhana

Do Guru Guru with every breath
remember – what I gave you – as a gift
the vehicle of mool mantra
to reach your true self

O my dear son
Realise your self and help others who were not as fortunate as you
They did not receive this ancient science of Ajapa from me
Help them as they are also dear to me
They have also fallen
Help them to raise themselves
-Do my work
All humans are One they are One with me
There is no duality – only One
This is the secret of existence
Only Guru as one- nothing else ——

Avatar,standing tall ,holding a staff in his left hand -Destroyer of darkness – Preserver of Dharma ( Righteousness)
Right hand raised with the powers of-the universe – holding “ Onkaar”
His long strands of hair flowing with the winds of change
of transformation and
He has descended -To destroy ignorance , Dispel darkness and bring forth a new Age
Age of Guru ,Age of enlightenment , of
Wisdom and happiness for all
The universe will smile and dance to the rhythm of Guru sound
Guru guru guru guru guru guru guru guru
Salutations to Guru – the Avatar of Kaliyuga.

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