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Shiv Mandir 


A temple dedicated to Adi- Guru Lord Shiva graces the lawns of Ajapa Yagashram Jamshedpur.
Just next to the Nav Rishi temple it basks in full glory of its mystical Aura.
Lord Shiva’s temple alongside his disciples the revered Saptarishis of ancient India is indeed a gem in the crown of this Ashram.
It appears like an ancient vimana of the age of Rishis, levitating just above the ground bathed in swan like whiteness.
The architecture and the structure of the temple is such that it seems to be floating above the ground.
The shikhar of the temple is symbolic of steps towards self realisation.
There are six levels corresponding to various chakras(energy centres) in the human body ,and at the top is the crown chakra or the sahstraar ( thousand petaled lotus).
Thus transcending the six chakras one’s consciousness reaches the sahastraar and realises the true self.
The lotus on top of the temple is created out of bronze metal, and the petals are placed in-such a way that they rotate with the flowing wind, creating movement and life.
At night a blue mystical light emanates from the centre of the lotus spreading solace and serenity around.
The installation of Shiva linga at this temple itself was a miraculous event to be remembered through the ages.
An event which proves that Omnipresent Guru is watching over all of us and He is there to help us raise our vibrations and make our lives meaningful through kriya- sadhana.
This Shiva linga was found by a Lady disciple of Gurudev near Pandu Gufa  Rishikesh.
A year before the construction of Shiva temple started the Lady disciple while into deep meditations, had an experience( anubhuti) where it was revealed to her by Sri Purnananda Pramhansa that  the time had come for the Omkar to appear on this earth.
Then She saw a Rishi who brought this Shiva linga out of holy Ganga river and place it near Pandu Gufa at Rishikesh.
She had this experience even before the construction of Shiva temple.
Based on her experience the temple’s construction was started in earnest.
And as foretold by Guru Sri Purnananda Paramhansa the Shiva linga was found exactly near Pandu Gufa after one year. Everything happened as the Lady had seen in her kriya- experience.
She became the witness to the most miraculous event of our age.
Now a few words about the placement of Shiva linga in the temple. Great care was taken for its placement in the sanctorum, after detailed calculations and observations it was placed in such a way that it faces the Mount Kailash, abode of Lord Shiva.
As you prostrate before the Shiva Linga you are bowing at the lotus feet of Lord Shiva at Mount Kailash.
This Shiva temple and the Shiva linga are the blessings of Our Guru Sri Purnananda Paramhansdev to our present Guru Sri Guruprasad Paramhansa and all his disciples and above all to all our fellow human beings
It inspires to do intense kriya Sadhana , become better human beings and love fellow human beings and all the creation of Omnipresent Guru.
Jai Guru

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