Jai Guru. Welcome to the Ajapa Yoga Web site.

Swami Guru Prasadji Parmahansa

Ajapa Yoga is a scientific breathing and meditation technique. Simple and practical, it is the original and most ancient form of yoga. The Rishis (seers) of India developed this technique thousands of years ago. Ajapa is based on the principle that the natural breathing process - inhalation and exhalation - is the expression of the universal forces of attraction and repulsion.

The primary purpose of Ajapa is the attainment of self-realization. However, the practice offers additional benefits such as improved health and relief from stress.

The Ajapa technique can be learned in a short period of time and results in amazing experiences, many of which cannot be described through the medium of language.

This site provides an easy way for you to communicate with the ashram, and to learn more about the theory, history and practice of Ajapa Yoga.