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Swami Guru Bhumanandaji Paramhansa (1873-1958)

Swami Guru Bhumanandaji Paramhansa  (1873-1958), Guru Bhumanandaji was born as Panchan Ganguli on Dec. 24, 1873, to devout parents in the state of Bengal.  Later, he was married and had two sons. He lived in the small Bengali town of Raj Shahi and worked as an accountant. He was a a great scholar, but despite reading the Hindu Scriptures over and over, he felt something was missing and was torn by this.  Whenever a great sadhu or guru would come to the area, he would question him but was never satisfied. One day Guru Purnanandaji came to Raj Shahi to visit a disciple there. Panchan came to meet him, and after a long talk with Guru Purnanandaji, he realized that at last he had met a Guru who realized the essence of the Scriptures. Panchan begged for initiation, but was shocked and brought to tears when Guru Purnanandaji told him he was too immature and not ready. Guru Purnanandaji told him he would return in a year and give initiation. When three years passed and Guru Purnanandaji had not returned, Panchan became desperate and finally tracked him down. After much persuasion, Guru Purnanandaji agreed to initiate Panchan.  Guru Bhumanandaji practiced Kriya with great force and devotion and achieved great results in a short period of time. According to Guru Purnanandaji's instructions, he remained an accountant and only visited Guru Purnanandaji on vacations. When Guru Purnanandaji became advanced in age and began the final purification process to prepare for leaving the body, the disciples wondered who would be his successor but were afraid to ask. Guru Purnanandaji looked at them and said, “Bhumanandaji”  This was a great surprise because Guru Bhumanandaji was not one of the disciples who lived near or on the Ashram. He lived far away and visit ashram very rarely . On April 29, 1928, Guru Purnanandaji left the body. Guru Bhumanandaji continued the Ajapa lineage from Kalipur Ashram in Assam Province. In 1931, he initiated Guru Janardanji Paramahansa into the practice of Ajapa Yoga and later gave Guru Janardanji the power to initiate others into the practice. Upon Guru Bhumanandaji's leaving his material body in 1958, Guru Janardanji became the world-wide master of Ajapa Yoga and began the spread of Ajapa around the world.

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Ajapa yoga is a scientific breathing and meditation technique. Simple and practical, it is the original ans most ancient form of yoga. The rishis of India developed this technoque thousands of years ago. Ajap is based on the principle that the natural breathing process- inhalation and exhalation is the expression of the universal forces of attraction and repulsion. The primary purpose of Ajapa is the attainment of self realisation . However the practice offers additional benefits such as improved health and a stress free life. Tha results of Ajapa technique cannot be described in words or though medum of langauge.

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