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Swami Guru Janardanji Pramahansa (1888-1980 )

Swami Guru Janardanji Pramahansa (1888-1980 ) Swami Guru Janardanji Paramahansa was born in the province of East Bengal, India, on December 2, 1888. When he was 12 years old his father died, throwing young Janardanji's life into such turmoil that he ran away from home, seeking to understand the meaning of death and life. He wandered all over India, covering the length and breadth of the country more than seven times on foot. After decades of searching, he met Swami Guru Bhumanandaji, who initiated him into Ajapa Yoga. Guru Janardanji practiced this yoga with an attitude of "do or die" and eventually achieved complete self-knowledge.

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Ajapa yoga is a scientific breathing and meditation technique. Simple and practical, it is the original ans most ancient form of yoga. The rishis of India developed this technoque thousands of years ago. Ajap is based on the principle that the natural breathing process- inhalation and exhalation is the expression of the universal forces of attraction and repulsion. The primary purpose of Ajapa is the attainment of self realisation . However the practice offers additional benefits such as improved health and a stress free life. Tha results of Ajapa technique cannot be described in words or though medum of langauge.

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