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Swami Guru Prasadji Pramahansa

  In January, 1966, based on an experience he had had while meditating, Guru Janardanji told his disciples to search the banks of the Ganges River for a newborn baby boy. The infant was discovered, and named Guru Prasador Gift of Guru. Guru Janardanji predicted that the child would one day play an important role in helping to relieve the suffering of humanity. Raised on the ashram, Guru Prasadji was trained in Ajapa from the earliest age. He learned to speak fluent English, and at the age of nine, he traveled to Canada and the United States with Guru Janardanji. In 1980, shortly before Guru Janardanji decided to give up his material body, he named Guru Prasadji, then only fourteen years old, his successor as Guru. Since that time, Swami Guru Prasadji Paramahansa has been traveling and teaching Ajapa in India, Bangladesh, Europe and North America. He currently maintains five ashrams and several Ajapa centers around the world.

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Ajapa yoga is a scientific breathing and meditation technique. Simple and practical, it is the original ans most ancient form of yoga. The rishis of India developed this technoque thousands of years ago. Ajap is based on the principle that the natural breathing process- inhalation and exhalation is the expression of the universal forces of attraction and repulsion. The primary purpose of Ajapa is the attainment of self realisation . However the practice offers additional benefits such as improved health and a stress free life. Tha results of Ajapa technique cannot be described in words or though medum of langauge.

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